GOCCOPRO QS2536 New function “Screen making energy variables”

Screen making energy can be changed

New function “Screen making energy variables” has been added to GOCCOPRO QS2536.
With the new function “Screen making energy variables”, the heat quantity of the thermal head can be changed due to mesh count.
The screen making is optimized according to the mesh count.

To make this function active, update the GOCCOPRO QS2536 main unit firmware to Ver.1.03.
Contact the dealer where the product was purchased.

How to set

Operate from custom setting mode.
Start custom setting mode> Select 017: Screen making energy variables> Enter value> Stop custom settting mode

0000High mesh recommendations (200 mesh or more) 
0001Medium mesh recommendations (100-180 mesh) 


Low mesh recommendations (70 mesh or less)

* For how to set the custom setting mode, refer to P.61 of the user guide.