Comparison of the features ; GOCCOPRO QS2536 vs GOCCOPRO QS200

Which model do you need?  Let us give you some clues.


Image area size

Screen frame sizeMax. 635mm x914mm (25.0″ x36.0″)Max. 580mm x780mm (22.8″ x30.7″)
1,215mm x800mm x410mm
(47.8″ x31.5″ x16.1″)
980mm x720mm x480mm
(38.6″ x28.4″ x18.9″)
WeightApprox. 70 kg (154 lb.)Approximately 67kg / 148lb
Screen frame thickness20 mm to 45 mm (0.79″ to 1.77″)20mm-50mm (0.7″-1.9″)
Resolution600 dpi x 1,200 dpi (perforation density: 1,200 dpi)600dpi x600dpi
Screen Making TimeApprox. 200 sec (A2 (420 mm ?? 594 mm (16.54″ ?? 23.39″)) image area size)Within 2 minutes (A4 size)

Image Quality

Resolution??600 dpi x 1,200 dpi
(perforation density: 1,200 dpi)

Resolution??600dpi ?? 600dpi

The GOCCOPRO QS200 is a versatile professional model and cover a wide range of screen-printing jobs.  It is suitable for professional screen printers;

– who screen-print on T-shirts, tote bags, and etc.

– who screen-print on wide or long T-shirts, the back side of blousons, and etc.

– who want to use various sizes of frames.

– who want to use the frames they already possess.

The GOCCOPRO QS2536 is an advanced professional model and suitable for professional screen printers;

– who require higher quality and higher resolution printing.

– who run a screen-printing factory with an automatic screen-printing machine for T-shirts wear printing.

– who do the job of multi-color printing by making color separations.

– who ask for high quality half tone and sharp edge printing.

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