Comparison of the features ; GOCCOPRO QS2536 vs GOCCOPRO QS200

Which model do you need?  Let us give you some clues.


980mm × 720mm × 480mm
(38.6″ × 28.4″ × 18.9″)
1,215 mm × 800 mm × 410 mm
(47.8″ × 31.5″ × 16.1″)
WeightApproximately 67kg / 148lbApprox. 70 kg (154 lb.)
Screen frame thickness20mm-50mm (0.7″-1.9″)20 mm to 45 mm (0.79″ to 1.77″)
Resolution600dpi × 600dpi600 dpi x 1,200 dpi (perforation density: 1,200 dpi)
Screen Making TimeWithin 2 minutes (A4 size)Approx. 200 sec (A2 (420 mm × 594 mm (16.54″ × 23.39″)) image area size)

Image area size

Image Quality

Resolution:600dpi × 600dpi

Resolution:600 dpi x 1,200 dpi
(perforation density: 1,200 dpi)

The GOCCOPRO QS200 is a versatile professional model and cover a wide range of screen-printing jobs.  It is suitable for professional screen printers;

– who screen-print on T-shirts, tote bags, and etc.

– who screen-print on wide or long T-shirts, the back side of blousons, and etc.

– who want to use various sizes of frames.

– who want to use the frames they already possess.

The GOCCOPRO QS2536 is an advanced professional model and suitable for professional screen printers;

– who require higher quality and higher resolution printing.

– who run a screen-printing factory with an automatic screen-printing machine for T-shirts wear printing.

– who do the job of multi-color printing by making color separations.

– who ask for high quality half tone and sharp edge printing.

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