Why not use MiScreen a4 as a teaching tool for art?

Don’t you think Screen printing is a hassle?

Not any more nowadays.
See our new era of digital screen making. Just in 35 seconds, you can make a screen on desk-top straight from the PC.
Either NO emulsion, NO water to wash out or NO light exposure required.
Come and see your new digital thermal screen making system.”MiScreen a4″ is the one you were looking for.

“MiScreen a4” is useful for the teacher and students such as
-For learning stencil printing and screen printing techniques
-For printing and making their own designs on the goods.

It is going to be a “Power tool” for both teachers and students to learn and experience various ways of expressions.

MiScreen a4 is equipped with RISO DTS technology.
RISO DTS stands for Dry Thermal Screen Making System, which is set to become the new screen printing standard.
No emulsion, dark room or film positives required.
There’s no need, either, for light exposure processing or wash out.
With its low power consumption and producing no waste water.
Which is quite eco-friendly rather than the conventional screen making way.

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