How to stretch an imaged screen onto a clip fit frame.

The GOCCOPRO 100 makes a screen first and then stretch it unlike widely known conventional screen making process.
Therefore, there is a possibility that the original image may expand or distort during framing process.

To prevent this it is important to stretch especially for multi-color print or images containing straight lines.

Make sure to place the shiny side of the screen face-down so that the picture does not look flipped.

Affix with the double-sided tape beginning from the long side, aligning and stretching to each corner in turn. This is because the short side of the master is not straight and cut obliquenly to avoid fraying.

Do not pull or stretch forcibly because this might cause distortion (Fig. ③).

Attempt to stretch it directly onto the frame all at once it will wrinkle or warp. Affix point by point, in the order shown(Fig. ④).
It is difficult to get used to it, but you can stretch without distortion by keep practicing.

Check the movie.
>>GOCCOPRO100: How to stretch an imaged screen on to a frame

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