The features of image processing, “Screen-covered” and “Grain-touch”


The digital screen making system, the GOCCOPRO series, can beautifully reproduce the original image like a picture by easily processing on printer driver.
It is said to be difficult done by conventional screen printing system.
So let’s make use of it.

Smooth gradation expression “Screen-covered”


“Screen-covered” is suitable for printing fine and soft expressions such as photographs and gradations on cloth.
Image processing can be easily performed without adjusting the image of the original by simply selecting “Screen-covered” from “Property” on the printer driver.
Normally 60 to 100 lines is recommended, although it depends on the originals.

Natural gradation”Grain-touch”


“Grain-touch” is suitable for clearly showing outlines and straight lines.
The “Grain-touch” has a bright and dark finish, and represents by the natural gradation of sand.
Just select “Grain-touch” from “Property” on the driver like “Screen-covered” is selected.

Select the image processing mode considering what kind of material is used and how it will be printed.