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           (FESPA Munich 2019) Here you will have a chance to see the live action. FESPA GLOBAL PRINT EXPO will take place from 24 Mar to 27 Mar, 2020 in Madrid Spain. Riso Kagaku Corp & Market Screentypographic S.R.L. will exhibit . Please come and see the live demo. FESPA GLOBAL PRINT EXPO Date: March 24-27, …

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GOCCOPRO 100 Digital Screen Making vs. Emulsion Screen Making

Although the screen printing process can be broadly classified into “screen making” and “printing,” “screen making” is the difficult part. The conventional, emulsion screen making process requires time, skills, and equipment for a business. When the work is performed by an outside printing company, it is expensive and takes time. In recent years, the most …

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