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RISO Dry Thermal Screen Making System is set to become the new screen printing standard.
No emulsion, dark room or film positives required.
There’s no need, either, for light exposure processing or wash out.
With its low power consumption and producing no waste water.

RISO Dry Thermal Screen Making System

“RISO Dry Thermal Screen Making System ” is the core technology behind the GOCCOPRO series.
It is a CTS* system with a thermal head that heat-perforates a screen master of mesh laminated with film.

*CTS: Computer-to-Screen


Screen making process has been drastically simplified.

The process is much more straightforward and speedy than conventional screen making, with no special skills required.
Make screens simply with the press of a button, much like using a printer.


Generates no waste water. Saves electricity.

The process uses no emulsions or chemicals, meaning it uses less resin, involves no washout, so the process generates no waste water.
Furthermore, with no film positives output, exposure or drying, it reduces power consumptions.


Operation times shortened to reduce TCO*

Saves labor cost by its quick turnaround time compared to emulsion screen making, leading to lower footprint contributes to space saving.

*TCO: Total Cost of Ownership