GOCCOPRO User Testimonials | “Pamflett” in Norway | RISO ART Studio

RISO ART is popular among artists from all over the world. This is an nterview with the studio owner. “Pamflett” in Norway is the center of the RISO ART community in Scandinavia.
We interviewed Ann-Kristin, the owner of Pamflett, when she visited Japan.
The interview was taken place with picture book author, Ashild, and designer, Siv, who visited Japan together with Ann-Kristin. We talked about how the world of RISO ART can be expanded by using a combination of RISOGRAPH and GOCCOPRO.

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Introduction of GOCCOPRO
1:19 Siv: Using the traditional way of making emulsion screen
1:51 Introduction to GOCCOPRO
2:51 Ashild: About people connected via RISO ART
2:58 Siv: Advantage of GOCCOPRO digital screen making
4:50 Advantages of having both GOCCOPRO and RISOGRAPH and its use in workshops

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