Screen printing brings people together and makes people happy.

What is “screen printing” that you can start right away?

Why don’t you start a workshop where you can print your designs on various materials? ︖ The old-fashioned “silk screen” is somewhat difficult because it takes time to make a screen and there are many things to design. It’s your image, isn’t it?

However, with the RISO DTS * screen maker, you can easily make a screen like a printer even for the first time, so you can start the workshop immediately.

Screen maker “MiScreen” that can be used anywhere

Don’t you think that screen printing cannot be done without a large workplace? RISO DTS * MiScreen a4, which is small and portable, can be used indoors as well as outdoor events including workshops away from your office.

A screen maker “GOCCOPRO” in your workspace!

If you already have a sewing machine or Laser cutting machine in your workspace, be sure to add screen printing to expand the range of manufacturing.

Screen printing includes cloth, paper, and materials. By combining it with your own equipment, you can expand the range of production.


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