For making money
The choice of screen printing

Screen printing is the key to surviving the busy T-shirt season

Cutting transfers and inkjet printing operations…Convenient but time-consuming
Outsourcing screen-printing is also time-consuming… Answer: Yes, it is possible.

Today’s screen plate making requires no special skills and can be done in a short time.
The RISO DTS (Dry Thermal Screen) system with the GOCCOPRO Series from RISO makes this possible.
The GOCCOPRO Pro series completes plate making in about 3 minutes, making it ideal for those who are busy with printing.

Let’s “Upgrade” Your Printing Method

Is your current printing method cutting, toner, sublimation, or transfer printing? Do you outsource difficult or large quantities of work?
–I wish I could do more in-house” or “I want to increase my profit margin”.

Upgrade to screen printing!

RISO DTS* has low plate making costs and reduces outsourcing costs.
Also, since it can print on a variety of materials depending on the ink, it can handle a wider range of materials than DTG (inkjet) printers.

No more “skill sets” or “large space” needed.

Conventional emulsion screen printing requires various equipment, space, and techniques, such as darkrooms, exposure units, and washing areas.
With the RISO GOCCOPRO, plate-making can be completed with just one unit, so you don’t need much space.
It is also simple to operate, sending data directly from a PC, and requires no special skills. Anyone can easily make screens just like a printer.


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