A New Approach to Teaching with Screen Printing

Fusion of the digital and analog

Learning to utilize the digital data is essential for today’s school students and artists.
Furthermore as the number of remote school lessons increases, it is going to be more important to have a hands on analog experiences, not just utilizing the digital data and equipment.
With MiScreen a4, the school students can utilize the digital data and using hands on screen printing as learning analog way. The MiScreen a4 wi ll give the students to learn the new generations of the new screen printing technology.

creativity and imagination

With the MiScreen a4, this can make the students and artists think and imagine the designs and colors of their artworks in the process of creating the original artworks.
Furthermore, by working in cooperation with others together, they can develop their own imagination but also they will learn feelings of compassion for the other people.

Wider versatility of artworks

Screen printing is one of the major printing methods that has been around for a long time. Students can easily learn the screen printing method with the digital thermal screen making which will complete whole process from making screen to printing. Not only it c an be printed on paper as a painting, but it can also be printed on the clothes such as T shirts and tote bags, and wooden plates, expanding the range of their artworks.


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