Learning “Art” and “science
by making their artwork.

MiScreen a4

Designing, making a screen and printing
Give shape to their passion

With the MiScreen a4,
students can learn “Art” and “Science
by making their artwork

What’s MiScreen a4 ?

The RISO MiScreen a4 is a portable and easy-to-use digital screen maker
that anyone can operate without any specialized skills.
Conventional screen making takes a lot of time and effort,
but with the RISO MiScreen a4,
artwork data can be directly transmitted from the PC.
The screen-making process is completed just in 35sec.
Teachers can effectively use the limited class time.

Implement STEAM education with MiScreen a4


STEAM education is an educational philosophy that consists of 5 elements:
“Science”, “Technology”, “Engineering”, “Art” and “Mathematics”.
The new philosophy is adding creativity education
to science and mathematics education.
In the actual field, the educational direction is required to teach
not only each subject, but also cross-sectional teaching methods
that fosters the student’s ability to find the solution independently.

MiScreen STEAM model education at Kuki Education Committee in Kuki-shi Saitama, JAPAN

The RISO MiScreen a4 fosters
3 senses for better adapting to the next age.

The RISO MiScresen a4 will help busy teachers plan the advanced STEAM learning curriculum.
It’s a piece of ideal equipment
for STEAM education.

Get up STEAM
with a screen printing

Click here for an introduction to the operation of MiScreen a4

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