The GOCCOPRO200 covers all requirements for wear printing business. All you need is just the GOCCOPRO200.

All the GOCCOPRO series digital screen makers use RDTS(Riso Dry Thermal Screen Printing Technology). It requires no emulsions and no water. It is easy, speedy, cost-saving, and environment-friendly.
Since the launch of the GOCCOPRO QS200, it has been receiving a high evaluation form professional screen printers for wear-printing.
The GOCCOPRO QS200 copes with multi-color and large-size printing. It is the machine of choice of screen printing professionals for wear printing.

Why do professional printers choose the GOCCOPRO QS200? It is because easy, quick, economical and environment-friendly. Are they the answers for the choice? No, the biggest reason is they think the GOCCOPRO QS200 shows the future direction of screen printing technology needed for the new generation screen printing.

Screen making quickly

You can make an imaged screen from your PC just like you make prints from your PC. All you have to do is just touch a button and transfer image data to the GOCCOPRO QS200 from your PC.
You can generate an A4-size screen in two minutes. The job of screen-printing for one T-shirt requires less than one minute. Very Fast!

The GOCCOPRO QS200 is capable of generating a bigger size screen.
The maximum image size is A2 wide(420 X 620mm).

The GOCCOPRO QS200 can generates various size screens from large to small.
So, the GOCCOPRO QS200 is suitable for not only T-shirts, but also the back of bolson, towels, and tote bags.

The GOCCOPRO QS200 accepts frames of various sizes.

The GOCCOPRO QS200 uses the serial print head, so it accepts various size frames. You can use the frames you already have. Riso has prepared its original quick frames. You can manually stretch screens onto the quick frames.

The GOCCOPRO QS200 guarantees precise registration.

The GOCCOPRO QS200 digitally burns image on pre-stretched screen. So, the registration is precise.
When you make process color(CMYK) printing, the utmost importance is registration. The GOCCOPRO QS200’s registration is very precise. Misalignment will never happen in process color printing.

High Resolution Printing

Emulsion screen-printing cannot reproduce gradation of a photo well, but the GOCCOPRO QS200 screen master can.
The printer driver of the GOCCOPRO QS200 process an original photo image data into dot screen data, so a screen made by the GOCCOPRO QS200 can express gradations beautifully.
The GOCCOPRO QS200’s resolution is 600dpi X 600dpi.,

If you use WASACH SoftRip for designing an image with special color prepared by Adobe illustrator or Photo Shops, The GOCCOPRO QS200 makes an imaged screen for each separated color.

Wear-printing by inkjet printer(DTG) requires time-consuming primer coating, but screen-printing by The GOCCOPRO QS200 does not require any primer coating. If you use a carousel, you can screen-print a few hundreds of T-shirts per hour. The GOCCOPRO QS200 increases productivity.
The digital screen maker QS200 will help you to increase the productivity of your job.

Screen frame size
(Outer dimensions)
Min. 260mm × 260mm (10.2″×10.2″)
Max. 580mm×780mm (22.8″×30.7″)
Image area sizeMin. 100mm×100mm (3.9″×3.9″)
Max. 420mm×620mm (16.5″×24.4″)
Screen making timeWithin 2 min (A4 image area size)
WeightApprox. 67kg (148lb.)
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