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GOCCOPRO QS200 Provides high-quality printing for business

GOCCOPRO Series digital screen makers from Riso Kagaku Corporation do not use chemicals or water, allowing for fast and low-cost screen making. Since its release, the GOCCOPRO QS200, which is our high-end model, has attracted support from companies specializing in printed wearable items. From multiscreen printing to large-size printing, the GOCCOPRO QS200 has been recognized …

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GOCCOPRO 100 Digital Screen Making vs. Emulsion Screen Making

Although the screen printing process can be broadly classified into “screen making” and “printing,” “screen making” is the difficult part. The conventional, emulsion screen making process requires time, skills, and equipment for a business. When the work is performed by an outside printing company, it is expensive and takes time. In recent years, the most …

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