• Never Been So Easy

GOCCOPRO Series digital screen makers from Riso Kagaku Corporation do not use chemicals or water, allowing for fast and low-cost screen making.
Since its release, the GOCCOPRO QS200, which is our high-end model, has attracted support from companies specializing in printed wearable items.
From multiscreen printing to large-size printing, the GOCCOPRO QS200 has been recognized by professionals, and has become the machine of choice for professional use.
In addition to the ability to make screens easily, quickly, and at low cost, professionals show their support the GOCCOPRO QS200 because of its various functions which will be necessary for next generation businesses involved in wearable item printing.
At first, the system features a wide image size (420 x 620 mm max.).
Having this amount of flexibility allows the system to be used to respond to the various needs of consumers, including the creation of screens for making large-sized prints on T-shirts, jacket prints, and even apron prints.
Next, the system can create screens by having data sent directly from the computer to create the screen master which has been stretched on a frame in advance.
Since screen alignment is very precise, multiscreen printing can also be performed reliably.
The system is also compatible with rotating screen printing machines and print stations.
Also, since the printer driver is equipped with a dot processing function, photos and other images with gradation can also be beautifully reproduced through printing without the hassle of image processing.
The GOCCOPRO QS200 can demonstrate its abilities in the areas of multiscreen printing and dot processing, satisfying consumers who demand more colorful, graphical prints.
The system can also respond to consumer demand for fast deliveries.
Since the GOCCOPRO QS200 can make screens quickly, it is possible to deliver printed items the same day that the work is performed.
All the user has to do is place the screen stretched onto a frame in the machine and press the start button.
A4 size screens can be made in around two minutes. There is no washing, drying, or other troublesome steps involved.
With single-color printing, an individual print can be made in under a minute (*).
Each screen master can be printed for approximately 690 yen (**). Due to the low cost, they can be made for each order placed by repeat customers.
This means that you do not need to worry about storing the screens or preparing a location for storage.
Simply store unused screen masters and frames.
The GOCCOPRO QS200 can create screens quickly without many steps to the process, and allows for streamlining of work space.
Now, Riso Kagaku Corporation provides a screen stretching service (***) to customers who have difficulty in acquiring a stretching machine.
You can also use the frames that you have been using all along without purchasing any specialty frames.
Since there is no need to change your existing work environment, the system will add to your highly productive screen printing operation by only changing your screen making to a digital screen making process.
After acquiring one of our systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can contact our special GOCCOPRO help desk.
From sharing our screen printing know-how to talking about ink and other supply purchases, we will politely discuss with you any everyday troubles that you may be encountering.
* Time varies depending on the equipment used and other conditions.
** When using the RISO DIGITAL SCREEN QS MASTER 120P-113-50 with an aluminum frame (480 x 600 mm)
*** 2,000 yen (tax not included) for normal stretching onto a 480 x 600 mm frame